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Meet Rosi

Thank you for visiting my online home! That's me, Rosi Hatcher and my husband Vic (who's also my assistant). We have two gorgeous pups, Eva "eee-vuh" and Kya "k-eye-uh" the most spoiled rotten German Shepherds ever.  If you follow us on social media (yes, they have their own IG @eva_and_kya) you already know I'm a dog person and if you are too, you're my kind of people!

I'm a worldwide wedding + portrait photographer living in Central Virginia, but I'll always be a New Yorker [by way of the Dominican Republic], so yes I say kwuafee and dwuog and every word that ends in "r" sounds like it ends in "uh".  I'm a mom, a hugger and the extra bridesmaid/wedding planner you didn't even know you had! Ask any of my RF brides, I go all in!


If I could offer you a virtual drink right now, I would! If you already have one, take a sip and enjoy the images in this space. The smiles are genuine, the laughter is unscripted, the moments are real.


Can't wait to meet you and create some real moments together!


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Capturing fabulous images on your wedding day is obviously important, but I believe that every moment leading up to your big day is just as important. You deserve an incredible and stress-free experience when planning your wedding! First thing is to make sure I'm the right fit for you. Grab your favorite drink and hang out a bit! I'll guide you through my featured weddings, engagement gallery, wedding gallery, love notes from other RF brides, and the entire wedding booking process! After getting to know me online, you'll be well on your way to an incredible experience of becoming an #RFcouple!

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