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Everything happens for a reason

I am so grateful to have been a part of this {adorable} family’s special occasion and it all happened by chance… or maybe it was meant to be :). As I was finishing up at an orthodontist appointment on Thursday, I get a message via my website from a guy wanting gender reveal photos “TOMORROW”. The message was barely 5 words, the only content was: subject-date-contact info. My first thought was ‘hmm, kinda strange for a guy to contact me about this’. Then I thought ok this is some psycho who wants to turn my bones into wind chimes… DELETE. Well good thing I went against my inner New Yorker instinct. I called him.

During our seven minute conversation, we discovered what a small world we live in and made arrangements for the shoot the following day. He and his wife are expecting their second child and planned this reveal on a whim. Worked out perfectly, we only live a few minutes apart and I was originally unavailable for sessions that day, but my other plans fell through and I became free.

Yesterday, with overcast skies, they welcomed me into their lovely home, I helped John put the final touches of decorations on the reveal box while Kristi and Colton were getting ready. Scurrying to try to beat the rain… the rain beat us but it was all good.

Meeting John, his GORGEOUS and oh-so-sweet wife Kristi and their too-cute-for-words son Colton was such a delight. And Kristi's baby bump *almost* made me want to have another of my own… *almost* LOL.

Only mom knew what color balloons would fly out of that box and dad was a little nervous about having a girl {as any dad should be :)}… check out his reaction when he saw the blue balloons! Big brother Colton was pretty happy too. Even their dog Bentley was excited… so excited that he came over and LICKED MY FACE while I was snapping away {to those who know me well…I survived it, I didn’t have a panic attack and I didn’t reach for cleaning wipes}. I was so caught up in this family’s moment, it didn’t even phase me.

John, Kristi, Colton and Bentley – congrats on your baby boy and thanks for randomly contacting me “by chance”.

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