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Sweet, Sassy, Seven...Surprise!

Art is a great theme for a kid's birthday party. I might "borrow" this one for my granddaughter. Jennifer, you pulled it off perfectly! With the popularity of paint & wine parties for us adults, it's a great idea to have the kids jump on that bandwagon, MINUS the wine of course {had to mention the obvious to avoid hate-mail lol}. Actually WE can still have the wine.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing this surprise art party for sweet, sassy, seven year old Aurora {love that name!}. Oh the look on her face when she got home and saw her friends screaming SURPRISE #priceless. All the painting, laughing, snacking and games were a blast. We even had a little photobooth action {I bet Jennifer is still finding feathers from my boas around the house, found one in my jeans when I got home last night, ha!}. Aurora and her friends showed off their masterpieces... ice cream anyone?

Surprise Party

This gorgeous AND delicious cake was made by Effie Claire Bake Shop.

Let the good times...paint!

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