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Intimate. Beautiful. Marriage.

Three things to say about these super sweet Texans: OH-EMM-GEE. I feel honored to have captured their very intimate wedding ceremony today. I don't know what captured my heart the most about this family...their timeless beauty, their genuine smiles or their SUPER cute names? Lol.

Newlyweds Daniel & Mallory have been together for so long they figured it was the right time to officially tie the knot :)

And how cool is it to have their little munchkins be a part of it? Calvin, Oakley and Charlie Rose are too PRECIOUS, of course they wanted rings of their very own.

Something about this shot makes it one of my FAVORITE.

See what I mean about timeless beauty? Ahhhhh...

Then they said "I DO"

They're so happy for mommy & daddy.

These two can't get enough of each other :-)

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