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Holy Meadowlark!

You might remember these three adorable souls from their Christmas session last year. When their mom contacted me a month ago to schedule a First Holy Communion session for Jessica, Jamison and Jocelyn... I was ECSTATIC!! They arrived at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens wearing their Sunday bests, sharp as tacks!

But oh were they soooo happy to change clothes to be able to run around and get dirty... or maybe just run around LOL. What do you think they said when I asked who wants to pop some bubbles???

I can already see myself capturing their graduations, weddings, and babies (I know mom...slow my roll) LOL. One of my FAVORITE convos of the day went a little something like this...

Jamison: "Ms. Rosi, can you take our pictures again?"

Me: "Absolutely, probably for Christmas again"

Jamison: "That's too long, can you take them tomorrow?"

Me: heart. melted.

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