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Elementary Love

Did you know who you would marry at age 9?

Meg & Bryan were 4th graders in Ms. Redmond’s class at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School. While walking to gym class one day, she put her hand on Bryan’s shirt and her handprint appeared on it. I’m not sure if it had some kind of love potion added to the fabric of the Hypercolor shirt, but Meg knew at that moment that she would one day marry Bryan. Aside from the totally rad 90s fashion trend, these two had instant chemistry. Here they are 18 years later and he finally popped the question on March 20th of this year!

After some back & forth emails in July, I met Bryan & Meg for the first time in August and I was so thrilled to welcome them to the RG Couple family.

A week ago, I did their engagement session at the place where Bryan proposed, a quaint neighborhood park at Lake Barcroft. Can’t wait to capture their wedding day next year!

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