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A Peek Into Our Bedroom

This has NOTHING to do with photography! In fact, I didn't even take these pics with my camera, used my cell instead. And for those of you thinking this is about something else, it's really is a peek into our actual bedroom lol. We recently bought a Sleep Number bed and it's been THE BEST sleep/rest I ever had! We only got the mattress & base, not the headboard/frame, because I couldn't imagine paying $1600.00 for JUST the headboard or even $470 for a similar one from another company. Our old bed was a queen size, this one is a king, so we couldn't use the old headboard. What did I do? That's right... I made my own!


4x8, 3/4" thick, pine sanded plywood from Lowe's (I had them cut it up into sections so it would fit in my car, I used two 40" x 34" slabs)

Mending brackets w/ screws (to put the 2 slabs of wood back together)

Foam, batting, brown fabric and nickel finish decorative nail head trim from Joann Fabrics

Used the extra pieces of wood as a solid surface to work on instead of working directly on my carpet. Mended the two 40" pieces together with the brackets on both sides and later stapled the seam for extra support.

Used a hot glue gun to affix the foam to the wood.

Wrapped 2 layers of batting over the foam and stapled the edges on the back. I could hot glue and staple stuff all day... that was therapeutic lol.

Measured out, cut and ironed the fabric (this pic is pre-iron obviously), then used my handy dandy staple gun again to attach it to the board.

Unwrapped and straightened the nail head trim and aligned it along the board.

Hammered the trim around the board, about 3" from the edge. My OCD wasn't on high alert, I could actually live with the trim not being in a perfectly straight line. I don't have a mallet so I improvised with one of the scrap foam pieces (to not damage/crush the nail trim).

Eva is taking a break from helping me.

Here's our old queen headboard, I unscrewed the legs/stand off that to use on the new king headboard.

Screwed the legs on to the new board and voila!

One last thing... the new board stands alone just fine up against the wall behind our bed, but as an added measure of safety, I attached a little loop to the back of the board and a hook to the wall to help keep it in place.


Plywood: $30.88

Brackets: $1.98

Nail trim: $17.88

Batting: $5.97

Foam: $31.76

Fabric: $13.98

TOTAL COST: $102.45

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