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Morgan | Mosaic District Senior Session

When I do senior sessions, most of the time parents don't come along and it's actually better that way LOL. Teens on the verge of young adulthood tend to be more relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera when mom or dad are not around. To the few moms who tagged along when I did your kid's session, it's ok I enjoyed you there :-) . And to all of you who didn't, thanks for trusting me with your precious cargo! I picked up Morgan bright and early Saturday morning for her sunrise session except it was cloudy and cold! We made it to one of my favorite shooting spots in Fairfax and spent the morning walking the empty streets of the Mosaic District (reason number 5,743 why I love sunrise sessions whether there's sun or not --no people out!). We had so much fun hopping through a construction zone, tight-rope walking on a building ledge and borrowing balloons LOL. Morgan is no stranger to being in front of my lens, as I'm her softball team's photographer, but even off the field girlfriend is a natural...she has beauty and brains! With her 4.05 GPA, athletic skills and aspirations of a career in criminal psychology, Morgan is a force to be reckoned with. Rock on Mo and continue to do great things! Here's a glimpse of her session. P.S. if you've never been to Ted's Bulletin, make it a point to go, it's sooooo good! Pop tarts and milkshake for breakfast? Yes please!

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