THIS Is What Motivates Me

On wedding days, on my way to the venue I start to think about the 8+ hours that I’ll be on my feet for 99% of the time. I almost always feel a little anxious and a little nervous about the day in general. Yes, even after shooting dozens of weddings, this still happens. Why? Because I’m human 😊. The day before, I go over my checklist & gear about 5 times to make sure I’m all set. Why? Because I’m a little OCD 😊. When I arrive at the venue and see my couple, the wedding party and their families, I immediately start to get pumped. When I unlock my gear case and flip open the latches excitement starts rushing through my body. As I’m setting up all the pretty details and hear that first click of my shutter….OOOOOH-WEEEEEEE! My creative juices start flowing, I get in my zone and it’s on like Donkey Kong (do people still say that? Lol). Throughout the day of shooting details, everyone getting ready, the ceremony, the first look (oh how first looks melt my heart!!!), etc; I completely forget about the anxiety and butterflies in my stomach that existed just a few hours before. By the time the reception comes around, I may or may not have shown a few of my moves on the dance floor! So what motivates me? Moments like these.

Being able to capture the sweetest moment when a bride-to-be sees her future husband moments before exchanging vows; 

A freshly married couple dancing together for the first time as husband & wife to their song; 

The powerful emotions a bride exudes when she sees her little brother wearing their dad's highland dress seconds before he walks her down the aisle in place of their father who watched down from heaven; 

A mother honored to help adorn her beautiful daughter to marry the man of her dreams knowing her husband is there with her in spirit for their little girl; 

A protective yet humbled father giving his future son-in-law "the look" as he gives away his baby girl; 

A couple so immersed in faith that they kept tradition by not seeing each other before the ceremony but said a prayer together in an intimate moment seconds before walking down the aisle; 

A dad overflowing with pride as he walks his only daughter down the aisle;

And yes, I even love capturing all the shenanigans that go on while the groomsmen are getting ready!

THESE moments frozen in time are what makes me want to keep doing what I’m doing and makes me absolutely LOVE what I’m doing. Basically, I LOVE spending an entire day with "my" couples and their friends & families, LOL! So what motivates you to do what you love?

Check out this behind the scenes snippet of a typical wedding day (

Shout out to my nephew, Armando Felipe for the behind the scenes video clips, to the Kellie & Katie shoes for keeping me comfy all day/night long, to all the friendors I've connected with and of course to all my #RGcouples and their peeps for allowing me to share in their joy!

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